Company profile:

Roofing & Waterproofing and construction materials.

ecoproof has been established beginning 2014 by Uri N. Inbal. Mr. Inbal is a registered Engineer in Israel and is also holding an Associate degree (Diploma) in Chemical Engineering. Mr. Inbal has worked for 16 years as CTO for Pazkar, Israel's largest waterproofing and road maintenance materials manufacturer.

During his years with Pazkar Mr. Inbal traveled in Israel and around the globe, to assist Pazkar's customers and consulting engineers in the design and execution of complex roofing and waterproofing projects. Mr. Inbal was instrumental during his years at Pazkar, in developing new environmentally friendly materials. In 2015 Mr. Inbal was elected, and is still 0n duty, as the head of the waterproofing branch at Israel Organization of Consulting Engineers and Architects (IOCEA).

Ecoproof's team is composed of experienced and qualified professionals. We design roofing and waterproofing systems for new construction and for renovation, as well as road structures, tunnels etc. Our Team also, prevents and solves performance issues with both roofing and waterproofing.
ecoproof has been directly involved in tens of projects across Israel and abroad.

Project design often begin with a waterproofing program and cost estimate for the approval of the building owner. Second stage is drafted details, Technical spec, and BOQ. Our work is done in close contact with Architect, Structural Engineer, HVAC and Water-supply consulting engineers.
In the investigation of leaks or condensation build-up; followed by the preparation of design documents detailing long-term solutions; and finally, conclude with our quality assurance reviews of the installation.

We put our knowledge and experience into practice by providing advice to prevent issues in the first place. Careful placement of air and vapor barriers, constructible detailing and appropriate material selection enable us to provide owners and developers with options that meet or exceed expectations for performance, cost and maintenance.

We strive to work with eco-friendly material, mainly water-based or law VOC materials

Our team members are certified by national organizations. We are involved with prominent manufacturers and industry organizations providing leading research related to roofing and waterproofing issues.

We have worked with a wide range of roofing assemblies and waterproofing systems from green and reflective roofs to landscaped podiums and tanked below grade structures for buildings of varying usage and ages and are well equipped to meet all your waterproofing and roofing needs. We always look for out of the box solutions, in order to ease the waterproofing and structural work, without compromising quality.

At ecoproof we strive to be the best and the most professional Waterproofing and construction materials consulting company in our industry. We are committed to client satisfaction and excellence in our work. Our company excels in helping clients achieve their objectives, helping them define the proper scope of work and administrating that work from conception to completion. We coordinate and integrate the services of the contractors, architects, engineers and other vendors as required for specific projects. Teamwork, communication and proper professional analysis between these experts produces quality results for our clients. We believe that our track record of successful projects is the hallmark of our company’s story.

Ecoproof, is Israel's leading design review company for waterproofing of road and rail structures, like C&C tunnels, mined tunnel, bridges and so on. We are specializing in below grade waterproofing in corrosive soils, like in the Dead Sea Area.

We are involved in the design waterproofing projects for housing, shopping centers, educational institutions, office building, tunnels, brides and more.

Core Values and Mission


We will maintain a strong commitment to excellence as we provide quality construction management services.


We will always be honest and ethical in our business practices as well as in our personal lives.


We seek to instill confidence without arrogance.


We will provide our clients with the best information from our current and past experience in the industry, while continually seeking new knowledge and technologies to further develop our expertise.

Team Player

We are committed to a “team player” attitude as we work together with clients to enhance their experience with our company.

Team Qualifications

Key Team Members:

Uri N. Inbal, Executive Manager

Work Experience:

  • 2014, Executive Manager, Waterproofing and construction material consulting.
  • 1998 – 2014, Manager Technical Services Roofing, Waterproofing and road and bridges renovation, Pazkar Ltd, Waterproofing and Road and Airport apron and runway renovation.
  • 1991 – 1998, Technical Manager, Chemipharm (subsidiary of Hoechst AG) – high performance and raw material for construction materials manufacturers.
  • 1988 – 1991, CTO, Ackerstien Industries – Concrete precast elements and structures, paving stones, roof tiles, concrete pipes manufacturer, experienced in all aspects of precast concrete.
  • 1985 – 1988, Material Engineer and Project Manager, Massport, Boston, MA, USA – Involved in concrete, asphalt concrete and soil QC/QA and technology, bridge deck waterproofing. Experienced in Roller Compacted Concrete.
  • 1976- 1985, Chief Engineer and Concrete technologist, Radymix Industries Israel – Involved in all types of Ready mix Concrete, Mortar and crushed stone production operating 35 ready mix concrete plants and two quarries. Experienced in Slip form concrete, high volume concrete casting. Long range ready-mix concrete hauling.
  • 1973 – 1976, Construction and Process Engineer, Nesher Industries, Israel, Portland cement production.


  • 1988 – M.Sc. Management Sciences, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA, USA
  • 1974 –B.Sc. In Mineral and Mining Engineering, Technion school of engineering. Haifa, Israel.
  • 1969 – Associate diploma – Associate chemical engineering, Technical School in Haifa (Technion)


  • Registered Israeli Engineer #20299
  • Registered as qualified arbitrator, ministry of justice.
  • Register as Expert and arbitrator, Israeli Association of Construction and Infrastructure Engineers.
  • QA qualified by the Israeli National Road Authority.

Other qualifications:

  • Member and past member in various standard comities in the Israeli Institute of Standard, and Ministry of defense specification standardization comities.
  • Lecturer, construction materials, Ruppin Academic Center.
  • Waterproofing consultant (by contract) to the Israeli National Road Company, and to the Company (Government) for the protection of the Dead Sea shore line.

We employ in our office experienced associate Engineers an architects, as well Civil Engineers.